Authentic Pre-Owned Luxury Store
About Us

ViaAnabel was created on February 8, 2016, as an enterprise of Dalina Buzi, co-founder of "Anabel" magazine and portal.

1. Luxury brands with very low prices.
Buzi, due to her contacts created through her television experience and as chief editor of "Anabel" magazine, judged that the market was missing a store, where people who owned a deluxe wardrobe with luxurious items, could sell them to buyers these items in a very good or in an excellent condition, who do not have the option or simply the luxury on spending for the original value of these items.
2. Access to the most famous luxurious brands.
Moreover, in absence of the licensed boutiques of the very much sought after brands such as Hermes Prada, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci etc. in Tirana, Buzi thought that ViaAnabel would be an ideal opportunity, that would offer albanians a very reasonable price compared even with the albanian market.
3. Original Items!
The challenge of ViaAnabel is the education of the albanian buyer toward authenticity. Seeing that in this market exist a lack of information or disinformation in a wide scale, ViaAnabel takes care that every item, that is deliverd, to go through a minutely authenticity examination.
4. Online selling for all albanians.
ViaAnabel is contented that through transparency in the items description, simplicity of the means of payment, via an excellent 24 hours/7 days service, favorable terms for the buyer such as 'free transport' and its return policy, has earned the trust of the buyers outside of Tirana. Within a year, the inexhaustible work to create a service based in honesty, transparency and correctness, has given its results: The number of the online buyers from Albania has increased with 200% and the number of the buyers from Kosovo and other countries of Europe increased with 100%.

February 8, 2016 – The e-commerce page goes online.
Februay 11, 2016 - ViaAnabel besides the e-commerce page, opens her first physical shop in Tirana.
November 2016 - Over 500 sellers from Albania and Kosovo are registered at ViaAnabel.
January 2017 - ViaAnabel relocates the shop in the ish-Blloku area.
January 2017 - ViaAnabel presents the automated message service that is sent to sellers after every purchase.
February 2017 - ViaAnabel changes the policy for accepting items, by giving priority to luxury brands.
April 2017 - ViaAnabel removes the shipping fees for all purchases in Albania and for purchases over 100 Euro in Kosoco and in all Europe.
April 2017 - ViaAnabel expands the variety of items, by including beauty products, male and children product, aspiring that soon to include luxiurous home products.